Fastskinz MPG-Plus vehicle wrap - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Earlier this year, we wondered out loud if it was really possible to achieve drastically improved fuel economy figures through the use of a dimpled vinyl automotive wrap. The premise is pretty simple: just as golf balls and recent high-tech sporting outerwear feature an uneven surface to cut down on wind resistance, a similar pattern could be applied to the outer skin of an automobile to achieve greater aerodynamic efficiency.

A company called Fastskinz believes it can increase overall vehicle fuel mileage by up to 20% with its decidedly simple vinyl wrap, and Popular Mechanics decided those claims were worth investigating. To properly test the Fastskinz wrap, PM obtained two identically-prepared 2009 Ford Flex crossovers. Both vehicles had about 8,000 miles on the odometer, featured the same powertrain combination and had similar levels of equipment. One vehicle was wrapped by Fastskinz with its MPG-Plus coating and the other was left just as Henry Bill Ford himself intended. The results were rather predictable... Click here to read the whole story.

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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