More F1 teams joins boycott call for 2010 regulation changes

Yesterday, we brought you news that Toyota could quit Formula One if FIA president Max Mosley's proposal for a two-tiered budget system is put in place. But the Japanese team based in Germany – currently enjoying its best season so far – isn't the only one making noise. Ferrari has hinted it could jump ship and put its energy into Le Mans, instead. Mercedes-Benz has said it could cancel its F1 program, and BMW has reportedly done the same. Now, three more teams are joining the call for the proposed regulations to be annulled, or else.

Next up to the plate is Red Bull, which owns and operates both the Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso teams. Owner Dietrich Mateschitz has joined the ranks of disgruntled team owners, saying he will not field his two teams next season under the proposed regulations.

Renault has not quite gone that far, but team principal Flavio Briatore has said that the rules need to be changed, the fashion king comparing the FIA's proposal to opening discount stores on trendy streets. The FIA has set May 29 as the deadline for teams to sign up and pay their fees to race in 2010, but with Ferrari, McLaren-Mercedes, BMW Sauber, Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Renault threatening boycott, that leaves only Williams, Force India and Brawn GP lining up on the grid next year. Those three are expected to go ahead regardless, because as independent F1 teams, if they withdrew or sat a season out, they would have no other obvious places to race.

Even with several new teams lining up to join the field next year, Mosley can't seriously hold his ground against all the sport's biggest teams... can he? It's a high-speed game of chicken, and somebody's going to flinch.

[Sources: Autosport and F1-Live | Image: Diego Tuson/AFP/Getty]

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