Assuming testing goes off without too much drama, MotoCzysz plans to enter an electric motorcycle in the upcoming TTXGP zero-emissions time trial at the Isle of Man. Motorcycle Daily got the chance to talk to Michal Czysz about the new development, and a few interesting tidbits were gleaned.

According to Czysz, the E1PC came about after an employee asked for permission to borrow the frame from a Yamaha YZF-R1 to create an electric motorcycle to enter in the TTXGP. Apparently, Czysz thought it would be better to design a new bike from the ground up using an advanced carbon fiber frame that's been designed to accept a modular powertrain. This design will reportedly allow for a range of electric motorcycles all based on the same basic underpinnings.

The entry-level electric MotoCzysz machine would cost under $20,000 and use a relatively small motor and battery pack, allowing for around-town riding with short bursts on the highway. A higher-spec model could go for $50,000 or more and would use a much larger battery pack (Czysz suggests it could be as large as the Chevy Volt's 16 kWh unit) enabling it to hit speeds of 150 miles per hour and have additional range.

[Source: Motorcycle Daily]

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