Finally, what seems like years worth of rumors can come to an end: The Genuine Scooter Company is indeed launching a new 4-stroke version of the popular Stella scooter. In case you're unaware, the Stella is assembled by an Indian company called LML and is a close descendant of Vespa's own PX150. Up until now, all Genuine Stellas were powered by 2-stroke engines and were therefore unable to pass California emissions testing.

Fortunately for fans of vintage-style metal-bodied scoots and their shift-for-yourself transmissions, Genuine appears to have changed as little as possible to build a modern, clean-running 4-stroke Stella. In fact, the entire front half of the new bike is identical to the current model. Out back, a new tubular frame cradles the engine and swingarm assembly and bolts to the rest of the scoot just behind the floorboards.

According to our friends at 2 Stroke Buzz, the new 4-stroke Stella rides just like its predecessor, only quieter and cleaner. Estimated fuel mileage? About 120 miles per gallon, says Genuine. California emissions testing is reportedly taking place as you read this, and Genuine hopes to have the new scooter on the sales floor in January of 2010.

[Source: 2 Stroke Buzz]

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