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Just over a year ago, we reported on an air-powered moped that was built using carbon fiber tanks originally intended for firefighting use. Apparently, the idea has occurred to a few other people as well, as a group of engineering students from India have just completed another compressed air-powered motorcycle using a small 100 cc motorcycle as a starting point. Arshdeep Singh, one of the Air Bike's designers, says:
"Our professors had asked us to create something which nobody has done so far and is also pollution free. Something which is economical and affordable to a common man. So we thought of inventing a bike, which runs on air. There is no combustion in this bike as it does not use any petrol, diesel or anything."
At this point, the bike isn't all that practical. Top speed is limited to just 18 kilometers per hour, but the team hopes to improve on the figure in future versions. Want to see and hear it run? Click past the break for a video.

[Source: Green Launches]


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