The green-conscious tinkerers over at Ecomodder have a new hero today: user HyperRocket, who is apparently a Ford Motor Company fuel economy technical expert who wanted to really maximize fuel economy with a small vehicle. He started with a 250cc Kawasaki Ninja drivetrain and added a bullet-shaped enclosure, two seats and as much safety equipment as he could. The result is a road-legal, two-passenger, three-wheeled vehicle than can get up to 125 mpg when driving at 65 mph. The entire package weighs just 505 pounds and has a drag coefficient of just .16. Wow.

After putting 3,200 miles on the trike, HyperRocket wants to sell it. Why? So he can get to work on a plug-in hybrid version, of course. The trike is currently listed on eBay for $15,600. Thanks to Ben for the tip!

[Source: Ecomodder, eBay]

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