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When we heard about the potential battery deal announced this morning between Fisker Automotive and EnerDel, we had a few questions about the potential partnership. All EnerDel's press release said was that the two companies has signed a letter of intent for a "potential long‐term battery supply agreement" and that reliability and performance tests would determine what was in the final contract.

Well, EnerDel's batteries are currently used in the Th!nk City, a small but full-speed EV. Could the packs also be used in the Karma sports car or was this deal a step towards Fisker's announced but very distant cheaper model? A Fisker spokesman told us that the EnerDel batteries were indeed being considered for the Karma, but that no specific testing data is being released at this time. Also, the EnerDel LOI "does not affect our deal with Advanced Lithium Power." The earliest time when EnerDel batteries could appear in the Karma would be when the car launches in June 2010.

[Source: Fisker]

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