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To coincide with the ribbon cutting at the EnerDel lithium-ion battery plant in Indianapolis scheduled for later today, Ener1 has officially announced a new deal to possibly get the company's li-ion batteries into vehicles made by Fisker Automotive. Fisker has also signed a battery supply deal with Advanced Lithium Power.

Fisker and EnerDel have signed a letter of intent for a "potential long‐term battery supply agreement." What the final contract looks like will be determined by upcoming reliability and performance testing.

The devil will be in the details, but this is good news for Ener1. When Th!nk, Ener1's current biggest automotive partner, got into potential bankruptcy problems a few months ago, Ener1 espoused patience. Ener1 told us last year that they were working "to diversify our customers a little bit so we're not just solely dependent on Th!nk." Guess now the Indiana company is dependent on two alternative vehicle startups. Press release after the jump.

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EnerDel Signs Letter of Intent to Supply Lithium‐Ion Batteries to Fisker Automotive

Indiana Senator Bayh to Cut Ribbon at EnerDel on First Mass Production Lithium‐ion Battery Line in U.S.

(Indianapolis, IN) May 8, 2009 – Batteries from EnerDel, the only U.S. lithium‐ion car battery manufacturer with commercial‐scale production capability, may power the Fisker Karma, scheduled to be the first plug‐in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) to market in June 2010.

EnerDel and Fisker, the independent American carmaker developing a line of high‐tech green vehicles for the global market, have signed a letter of intent for a potential long‐term battery supply agreement. Results of reliability and performance testing will determine a final contract.

Fisker plans to build 15,000 vehicles per year and market them through an existing network of 32 U.S. retailers. A European retail network will be announced in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

Sen. Evan Bayh, a strong Washington supporter of electric‐drive, will join EnerDel at the battery manufacturer's main production facility today at noon to inaugurate a major new installation – the first commercial‐scale production line for automotive‐grade lithium‐ion batteries in the U.S. A Fisker Karma sedan will be on display during the event.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to team up with Fisker to deliver to market a superior automobile that will establish the benchmark for high‐technology green cars," commented Charles Gassenheimer, chairman and CEO of EnerDel parent company Ener1, Inc. (NASDAQ: HEV). "EnerDel battery packs for electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and now plug‐in hybrid electrics will help lead the revolution toward mass deployment of electric drive in the United States."

"Indiana, as the birthplace of the high‐technology automotive components industry, is the right place to begin national mass production of this lynchpin technology for the future of electric drive in our country," comments Senator Evan Bayh (D‐IN) who is officiating at the commissioning ceremony. "We expect that next‐generation automotive alliances, such as the one contemplated by EnerDel and Fisker, will set the pace for a transformation in transportation that is inevitable and necessary for our nation's energy security and the preservation of the global environment."

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