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The n2a Motors 789 is perhaps the ultimate automotive expression of retro styling. Based on a C6 Corvette chassis and using hand-crafted carbon composite body panels, the 789 features styling cues from 1957, '58, and '59 Chevrolets. Just over 20 of these unique cars have been built over the past few years, the first of which n2a Motors is putting up for auction on eBay. Featuring an LS2 V8, custom Budnik wheels, and a Borla exhaust system, chassis #001 was used as the promotional car at the Los Angeles and New York auto shows and still has the remainder of GM's five-year/100,000 warranty. Best of all, the winning bidder gets to take delivery of the car immediately and doesn't have endure the typical 12-week wait for a brand new 789.

[Source: eBay Motors]

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