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Thirty-six days from now, Brammo plans to send an electric motorcycle called the Enertia TTR across the Atlantic Ocean to the Isle of Man for the first running of the TTXGP zero-emissions time trial. Brammo's entry will face plenty of stiff competition, so it's not surprising to see the team out and about on the roads of Southern Oregon getting their race bike ready for the event. Fortunately, they brought their video camera with them.

We can clearly see that this isn't a completely stock Enertia. At the very least, there's a full fairing to improve high-speed aerodynamics and a reconfiguration of the rider compartment, putting the pilot in a much more streamlined and race-ready position. We're still unsure what mechanical changes have been made to the Enertia platform, but we're patient. Sort of. Click past the break to watch the video.

[Source: Brammo]



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