2011 Jeep Phoenix – Click above for image gallery

With Chrysler's proposed alliance with Fiat all but a done deal, people have begun turning their attention towards the Italian automaker's vehicle line up and creating a wish list of which ones they'd like to see for sale over here in the U.S. Thing is, those people should keep in mind that any Fiat making the long trek overseas may not be badged a Fiat when it arrives. Before any Fiat sets foot on these shores, it may be transformed into a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep model. And so we present you this, the 2011 Jeep Phoenix, a wish for what might be when Chrysler starts getting new vehicles from Fiat. The owner of this idea claims the Fiat Panda Cross 4x4 is an eminently suitable canvas on which to create a small, fuel efficient yet very capable Jeep. While never having driven the Panda ourselves, we've been hearing Europeans rave about it for some time. And for some reason, the Phoenix strikes us as less antithetical to the Jeep ethos than the Compass does. Check out the gallery below for more renderings and let us know if you think the Panda could cut it as a Jeep.

[Source: Hubpages]

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