Those unfortunate souls who've registered for the "Goin' For Broken" 24 Hours of LeMons event this May 23 and 24 have another justice to contend with. Yours truly will be joining Dr. Lieberman and the matronly Ms. Martin at the Reno-Fernley Raceway to doll out punishments with extreme prejudice. We're already cooking up a Swine Flu penalty (something involving pickled pig's feet, stale chicharones and a Hazmat suit) and I'm putting the finishing touches on a Justice Souter-themed sentence while the Loverman tries to scam us a new set of wigs and robes. While we can't spoil all the surprises, the stencil you see about will be painted onto any Chrysler product "competing" in Reno to honor the automaker's latest union.

Registration ended on March 14, so those of you who missed the deadline narrowly avoiding our cold steel scythe of justice. But if you want to come out and enjoy the madness, spectator tickets are available for either a single day or the entire wretched weekend. Hit up the 24 Hours of LeMons site for more and check out the new LeMons forum if you're so inclined.

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