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Pontiac is on its way out just as the new 2010 Chevy Camaro has arrived. Had this been a decade or two earlier, the Camaro would most certainly be accompanied by an equally sick Pontiac version, namely the Trans-Am. But even before it was decided to put the final nail in Pontiac's coffin, General Motors had no intention of developing a new Trans-Am based off the Camaro. Well, someone should, and someone did. Enter ASC, otherwise known as American Specialty Cars, the sub-contractor responsible for building many of the convertibles you see on the road today like the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder and Toyota Camry Solara Convertible. ASC also has experience building whole specialty cars for manufacturers, having been the building force behind such machines as the Chevy SSR, GMC Syclone/Typhoon and even the unforgettable Buick GNX.

Now, according to DUB, ASC will take your 2010 Camaro and transform it into a modern-day Trans-Am. We don't have too many details except for these few renderings, but the Pontiac-ification of the Camaro looks great from the front and we dig the duck tail spoiler. The air inlets behind the doors are a little much and for all we know are non-functional, but the overall treatment evokes Pontiac's past in much the same way that Chevy's new muscle car draws inspiration from past Camaros without copying them outright. We've got a request in to ASC for more information, so we'll wait and see if the Trans-Cam is the real deal.

[Source: DUB]

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