Remember your Roots: Lamborghini Toro tractor concept

Lamborghini Toro concept – Click above for a gallery

Most automakers try desperately to hold on to their roots. Just look at all the anniversaries we've been celebrating lately and you'll know what we mean. Lamborghini, on the other hand, seems keen to leave them behind. That's probably because Lamborghini's roots are actually in agriculture. As any sportscar aficionado worth his salt will tell you, Ferruccio Lamborghini started out building tractors and only got into the sportscar business to piss off Enzo Ferrari. The gap between its tractors and sportscars was bridged only by the LM002 sport-ute, known as the Rambo Lambo. But one aspiring designer is keen to resoil Lamborghini's past and present into one vehicle, and you're looking at it right here.

Called the Lamborghini Toro, it's the brainchild of aspiring Canadian designer Jason Battersby. Taking cues from Lambo's own agricultural equipment and its supercars, the Toro cuts a mean profile to envision what an integrated product would look like. Of course it's just a series of conceptual renderings, which you can view in the gallery below. But a small town farm boy can dream, can't he?

[Source: JBDesign via eGMCarTech]

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