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Anyone living near Phoenix, Arizona would be able to tell you that there's a reason the area is nicknamed "The Valley of the Sun." It may be mildly oppressive from time to time (or just about all summer, depending on your point of view), but the sun is also a valuable natural resource that gives off more than enough energy to power our various transportation needs.

A Phoenix-area man by the name of Richard Gryzch decided to tap into that natural resource to power an electric motorcycle he calls the Solar Flyer. Details are decidedly scarce, but Gryzch claims his bike can top 90 miles per hour and has a range of 50 miles. Naturally, we'd assume that there are some batteries hidden away under the Derbi's red plastic bodywork, which appears to be coated with flexible solar panels wherever a bit of room is available.

In reality, it's likely that it would take a very long time to completely recharge those batteries solely with the solar panels on the bike's outer skin, but Gryzch has more ambitious plans in the works, saying he has a goal of reaching a 300-mile range in time. Click past the break for a video, and see another take on the concept of a solar-powered motorcycle, click here.

[Source: ABC 15 News]


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