The Universe does not want Nicholas Cage to make another movie, and it's turning vehicles into weapons in order to thwart the filming of his latest flick, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, in New York City. Two people were injured earlier this week when a stunt man drove a Ferrari through the front door of a Sbarro's during filming. Early this morning, the Universe struck again. An SUV jumped a curb not three blocks from where the prior accident had occurred and injured nine people, some of whom were members of the movie's production crew. The woman driving the SUV was not associated with the film, but was clearly acting as a foot soldier for Fate, which does not want this project completed without a body count. We fully expect to read that Nicholas Cage himself was crushed by a hybrid taxi in tomorrow's paper. Stay tuned.
[Source:, Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty]

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