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Could the Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel enter production? According to a post on Lotus Enthusiast, that's an entirely real possibility due to interest from Youngman Auto, which is the British automaker's Chinese partner. It seems that the Tri-Fuel was a big hit at the recent Shanghai Motor Show, leading Youngman to submit a formal application to Lotus requesting that the car be built for the Chinese market with the hope that sales could begin sometime before the end of the year.

First unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008, The Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel is capable of running on gasoline, ethanol or methanol. In 2007, China became both the world's largest producer and consumer of methanol fuel. Last year, nearly one billion gallons of methanol were blended with gasoline in China, and many retail pumps offer various blends of methanol to consumers. Thanks for the tip, Taylor!

[Source: Lotus Enthusiast]

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