The Saturn Vue was supposed to be GM's first plug-in hybrid, but the pending loss of Saturn leaves the General's upcoming plug-in tech without a vehicle or brand. The Vue plug-in was originally going to arrive in 2011 in a cooperative demonstration test fleet with the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) and nonprofit Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Vice Chairman and former head of GM Powertrain Tom Stephens explained on the GM Fast Lane blog that while Saturn won't get plug-in tech, one of the four remaining brands will.

Stephens won't spill the beans with regards to which brand or vehicle will utilize plug power, but he did specify that the 2011 timing will not be effected. Bob Lutz's replacement is looking forward to speculation as to which brand and vehicle would be used, so we don't want to disappoint. Since the original time frame of the Vue plug-in launch is unchanged, we're guessing that either the Chevy Equinox or Cadillac SRX would be suitable replacement vehicles, since the three vehicles share a similar platform. Stephens also said that the Volt and the unspecified plug-in are but two of 12 hybrid and electric vehicles that GM plans to introduce by 2012.

[Source: GM Fast Lane blog]

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