VIDEO: New Audi ad takes crack at domestics and SUVs

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you know the traditional body-on-frame SUV is all but dead. The car-based crossover has been inserted in the SUV's stead, and just about every automaker has jumped on the bandwagon. That non-exclusive group includes Audi, which offers the fuel deficient Q7 and has recently added the smaller and more efficient Q5 for 2009.

To advertise the Q5, Audi is turning to good old-fashioned humor, except this one isn't particularly funny. After the jump is a 43-second Q5 commercial that pokes fun at the traditional SUV, than tries to push the Q5 as German luxury hardware. We learned from Audi's " Meet the Beckers" series that the four-ringed automaker is good at exploiting stereotypes and this video does so with a stab at U.S. automakers (the 2010 Domestica?). Trouble is, nobody's pushing SUVs any more, and if domestics are guilty of anything, it's building too many crossovers. Hit the jump to see the video for yourself. Thanks for the tip, Nery!

[Source: YouTube]

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