Might Spain soon jump on the vehicle scrapping bandwagon? According to ANFAC, an organization of automakers with operations in Spain, sales were down 45.6-percent from the same month a year ago, a sobering fact that's caused the organization to reiterate its stance that the country needs to implement a scrapping program of its own. According to ANFAC, "Spain is the only country among the five principal European markets where this type of specific incentive plan for passenger cars does not exist."
After the success seen in Germany after that country started offering incentives to trade in old cars for new ones, Europe's other large markets began looking into starting their own programs. France and Italy have both launched scrapping incentives, followed last month by the UK, which officially announced a plan to pay motorists £2,000 ($2,914 U.S.) to trade in a vehicle that's at least 10 years old for a new car.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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