With April's sales volume down over 41% and Ford pushing it aside in the numbers race, the Toyota division is motivated to move units in May. At the request of dealers, the automaker is boosting production of its best-selling Toyota Camry and popular RAV4 SUV. In addition, a new ad campaign, called "Perfect Timing," started on Friday. It is an attempt to boost sales on vehicles using reduced interest rates, more consumer cash and a focus on low payment leases. The campaign caters to regional needs with aggressive leases in the East, and zero-percent interest rates in the West and Midwest. Bob Carter, Toyota division general manager, told Automotive News that "there will be an enhanced package of incentives compared with what Toyota currently offers." Carter didn't elaborate, so it seems you'll just have to visit a showroom to get the details. Regardless, it appears that Toyota is willing to make a deal like never before.

[Source: Automotive News, subs. req'd | Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty]

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