Since 1985 (and since 1990 as a non-profit group), Tread Lightly! has been teaching its members to treat their surroundings with respect while traveling off the beaten path. Apparently, people using the famous Rubicon Trail in Northern California haven't been treading lightly enough, as the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board has ordered that both El Dorado County and the Forest Service take the lead in cleaning up the trail.
The main issue seems to center around waterway contamination that's brought about by erosion, leaking petroleum products, camping remains and, um, human fecal matter. These undesirable substances (to put it mildly) are reportedly making their way into fresh water supplies, and that's not good. If an acceptable solution to the problem isn't reached in short order, the trail could be subject to seasonal closures.

[Source: Sierra Sun via Truck Trend]

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