Click above for a hi-res gallery of the American Idol Edition Ford Fusion Hybrid

Some of use here at Autoblog gave up on American Idol a long time ago, but we're obviously the exception, because the talent show still pulls down monster ratings on a weekly basis. In this regard, AI's been a better showcase for Ford (whose involvement dates back to season 1) than say... Knight Rider.

Ford's sponsorship now includes a sweepstakes that will ultimately net someone a new car. Each week, the Idols are featured in some cringe-inducingly terrible music video that makes one long for the understated sophistication that was The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. Anyhow, these videos are posted on the American Idol website, where visitors can register to enter the Ford Music Video Challenge for a shot at the grand prize of a trip to the show's finale and a one-off American Idol Edition Ford Fusion Hybrid fitted with headrest-mounted backseat video screens, an in-car karaoke rig, AI floormats, and an AI trunk decal that would fall victim to a heat gun if it were up to us.

You can watch this week's video here if you dare. It's briefly encouraging in that it momentarily seems as if a Fusion Hybrid is going to mow down the intensely earnest and annoying final five Idols like black-clad bowling pins, but it swerves at the last minute to turn desert into grass, with pink trees sprouting in its multicolored electrical wake. You probably think that we're kidding, but no.

[Source: American Idol / Ford]

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