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With Pontiac's death official, Holden stands to lose around $1 billion annually with the demise of the Pontiac G8. However, Holden doesn't plan to go quiet into night. The Aussie automaker has drawn up plans to offer the rear-wheel drive Commodore platform to Cadillac and GMC.

Although GM's CEO, Fritz Henderson, has confirmed that the G8 won't live on, there's a chance it could be used by law enforcement in the States, and with Cadillac's recent attempts to inject more RWD models into the mix (save the Epsilon II-based sub-CTS), the Zeta architecture could be used for a new line of Caddies.

More interestingly, with GMC safe – for now – from sharing a grave with Pontiac (not to mention the inevitable liquidation of Hummer, Saab and Saturn), Holden could make a case for importing the stillborn G8 ST 'ute to the U.S. as a fuel-efficient alternative to GMC's otherwise big and thirsty pick-ups. Where there's a niche, GM normally likes to fill it, and while the case for the Zeta-based Cadillacs could be made -- particularly as GM seeks to downsize the platform to aid its survival -- the G8 ST's revival seems far less plausible.

[Source: GoAuto]

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