With the Chrysler-Fiat merger underway, most of the media and a few of us around the Autoblog virtual water-cooler have been trying to figure out what – if any – changes will be made to Chrysler's name once the union's complete. It could simply be a hyphenated combination of the two automakers, ala Daimler-Chrysler, or it could take on something totally new. However, the chances of Chrysler flushing an iconic name that's been around since 1925 are slim -- about as probable as Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne's current and abnormal name for the alliance: "NewCo."

So, we leave it to you. What should the union between Chrysler and Fiat be called? We've thrown a few of our own into the poll after the jump, but if you think we should add one of your suggestions, drop it in the comments and if it's well-received we'll add it to the voting.

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