One 59-year-old man with a mission; one 19-year-old car that's a copy of a 77-year-old car; 64 cities in 49 states; nine days; 1,100 miles between sunrises; and more than 100 billion burgers sold -- those are the stats of Dave Schaub's trip across America to benefit the Ronald McDonald House in Palo Alto, California.

Called Drivin' for the Kids, Schaub's trip is just as much for him as it is for the children who will benefit. Starting in Needles, California Schaub will take his '32 Ford replica (with a smallblock Chevy engine, GM transmission and 24 mpg) across the South, up to Maine, back across the north and midwest, and finish up in Hyder, Alaska. The trip begins on Tuesday, September 8, and If you'd like to donate or just check up on his progress via GPS head over to And to you, Mr. Schaub, good luck.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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