According to a recent report from Nielsen, 61 percent of all online discussions regarding the Honda Insight also include mentions of the Toyota Prius. On the flip side, only about 27 percent of all internet chatter revolving around the Prius mentions the rival Insight. Interesting, eh? The report goes on to suggest "that the Prius is the gold standard to which all other hybrids must aspire."

Upon closer inspection, the news isn't all bad for Honda. According to Nielsen, 31 percent of Insight reviews were favorable, which compares rather well with the 28-percent favorable review rate of the Prius. Those figures are tempered a bit, though, as there were also more negative reviews of the Insight. This suggests that the Insight is a "love it or hate it" kind of vehicle, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

How does all of this translate into sales? That's the big question, and Nielsen reports that 12 percent of people mentioning the Prius say they plan to buy one, which is a fair bit better than the 7 percent figure recorded for the Insight. There's plenty more to data to chew on at Nielsen's official blog, including some background data on the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

[Source: Nielsen via Green Car Advisor]

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