We're still smarting after Monday's announcement by General Motors that the Pontiac brand will be phased out. It's not that we disagree with the decision – killing Pontiac is probably the right move. Rather, we're disheartened at the loss of a brand so important to the car culture in this country. Some of our favorite cars of all time wear a Pontiac badge, and we're sure that the legions of Pontiac faithful would argue that vehicles like the Aztek and G3 shouldn't take away from the brand's legacy.

Continuing our series of features that highlights the best and worst of what Pontiac had to offer, we bring you some great Pontiac commercials of the past. Ten in all, these commercials mark the brand throughout its history going back to the late '60s. They're ranked in a rough chronological order and not in terms of best to worst, though since we first saw it last March, the first one is still our favorite.

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