GM has long been a proponent of using high-level ethanol blend, E85, in motor vehicles. But, with all of the talk of putting E15 or E20 (gasoline with 15 or 20 percent ethanol blended in) into the national supply - see these earlier posts about the EPA, the Minnesota Ag Department, the Secretary of Agriculture, and the Underwriters Laboratories on the topic - GM's Biofuels Implementation Manager, Coleman Jones, has found "Seven Reasons Why Testing Mid-level Ethanol Blends Matters." The short version: E10 is working well, and we'd like to see more biofuels used, so let's test E15 before widespread introduction. The seven things that need to be tested:
  • Catalyst durability
  • Engine and fuel system durability
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Tailpipe emissions
  • Evaporative emissions system durability.
  • Emissions inventory and air quality modeling.
  • Operability
Get the full details over at the Fastlane Blog.

[Source: GM]

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