Mission One testing at Infineon - Click above for a high-res image gallery

There's just 45 days until the running of the world's first zero emissions motorcycle time trial, and a number of the teams that plan to compete in the Isle of Man's carbon-free Grand Prix are hard at work testing their creations. One such machine, the Mission One from Mission Motors, has recently been testing at Infineon Raceway in California, and here's a series of images to prove it. Good news: everything looks exactly as we'd expect from this potential front-runner.

Judging from these shots, the electric bike is obviously being ridden hard, and that bodes well for its chances at the upcoming event. The rider seen in these shots is Tom Montano, a man with 25 years of motorcycle racing experience who also happens to hold the title as the fastest American to ever lap the famed Isle of Man time trial.

[Source: TTXG Blog]

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