Shai Agassi has big ideas when it comes to electric cars. He wants to build networks of public charging outlets and battery swap stations. He also wants to sell electric cars with a battery subscription plan similar to cell phone calling plans. In an interview with CNET Agassi revealed that he wants to sell his electric car for about $20,000 before any tax credits. With a $7,500 federal credit that price comes down to almost $12,000.
In addition to that price, you still have to pay for miles of battery use. Just like cell phones, Better Place plans to offer a number of mileage plans depending on how far you want to drive.

While this may or may not prove to be a financially viable model, the far more controversial aspect of the company's plan is the battery swapping. The company plans to demonstrate its robotized battery swapping system in Japan next month. So far, only Renault-Nissan has committed to building a car to support this system, but it remains to be seen whether this will truly be technically viable. No automaker that we have spoken to other than Tesla has any plans to go down the path of exchangeable batteries. Without standardized pack formats it's not clear that any swap system can be viable. Either way, Agassi wants to launch his system in Israel in 2011.

[Source: CNET]

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