Billed as the most affordable ecological vehicle in the world, the wraps came off the $6,500 Salamandra Lexion earlier this month to reveal the three-wheeled wonder you see pictured above. Calling Colombia home, the folks behind Salamandra hope to offer people a green choice they can afford while still providing a reasonable amount of performance for a city car. The car will be available as an all-electric, gas only or electric with a 15 hp gasoline range extender. It was originally designed to have a compressed air engine, but the company says that option will have to wait for now. The vehicle is said to have an electric range of over 40 miles and the lowest end model, the Lexion X1, will have a modest top speed of 40 mph while X2 should hit 50. The deluxe X3 will go all the way up to 60 mph which, we believe, is as fast as anyone will want to go in this two-seater.

It may not be terribly fast but its designer, William Mercay, claims it has plenty of power, saying, "Unlike the Reva, this car can climb hills. It can climb 22 degree inclinations at 40 kph (25 mph) and it can run for 70 km (43 miles) before needing a recharge." Production should start in earnest this coming July and the company hopes to put some 50,000 copies on the calles (streets) over the next two years. Hit the jump for Spanish TV news coverage of the Lexion launch as well as a promotional video featuring footage of the car in motion accompanied by a funky (not in a good way) soundtrack.

[Source: Salamandra]

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