Might the corporate logo of the world's best known electric car maker one day grace the roof of the former "Home of the Boeing 717"? Despite sealed lips from officials, rumors abound that Tesla Motors has found a spot in Long Beach to build their all-electric Model "S". It seems 79 acres of prime real estate, formerly part of the Boeing presence in the city, are available and the automaker is in line ahead of movie studios, solar panel manufacturers and others. A deal to sell the site to Long Beach Studios, who were planning on spending $500 million to convert the two cavernous hangers into the world's most advanced digital studio, fell through in March.

The situation isn't exactly clear-cut though and neither Tesla or Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster are talking about it while Boeing only says that no deals have yet been made. Among the people who are talking is Long Beach Studio's Chairman Jack O'Halloran, though his statements don't clear anything completely up. He says they just went back into escrow and are going forward with Boeing and expects filming to begin at the location later this Spring. An anonymous person says of the situation, "[They want] to build electric cars there in a couple years, but in the interim they're still going to be shooting there," We don't know exactly what is going on here but we can say for certain that the movie industry has at least one connection to the electric car maker under its belt.

[Source: The District Weekly]

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