Start saving your sick days: Codemasters is working on the next generation of Formula One racing games, and the future looks fast. The software development company responsible for such favorite racing titles as DiRT, Grid and the TOCA series obtained the rights to make the game from Formula One Management, which previously licensed the rights exclusively to EA Sports and Sony. So while previous incarnations of the official F1 game were available only on Playstation systems (PS2, PS3 and PSP), Codemasters' new game will be available across all the major formats. So if you've got a current gaming console at home, you'll have a crack at playing the new F1 sim.
Codemasters has revealed that the game will be released in two stages. First up is F1 2009, a simpler form of the game that will be available for Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP. F1 2010 will follow next year in high-definition format for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PCs, taking full advantage of online gaming communities for head-to-head competition over the internet. Lewis Hamilton, whose contract with Sony expired in 2006 along with their exclusive rights to the game, will be headlining the new Codemasters franchise. look for the game to include all the latest F1 tech, including KERS, slicks, the latest aero rules, and all the latest tracks, including Singapore (above), Valencia and Abu Dhabi. It's times like these we're thankful that we work from home.

[Source: Autosport]

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