Click above for the video of what may be the world's worst dragstrip

Drag racing is dangerous business. You've all seen the horrific crashes that result from even the smallest of problems, and more than a few straight-line pilots have met their death as a result. Now, imagine a J-shaped drag strip full of surface changes and no center wall. Sound improbable? Well, we have video proof that such a place exists; reportedly in the Caribbean.

What you're about to see (should you choose to follow the jump) is the worst, most ridiculous "drag strip" we've ever seen. The video stars a well-worn but rather quick looking Ford Mustang surrounded by throngs of too-close to the action on-lookers. Our first thought was that the track didn't look that bad, until the camera panned left and it looked like your basic Detroit-area blacktop. The 'Stang gets up to speed, deploys its parachute, and then the Fox-body pony car does its best Chevy Chase impression. It ends, predictably, with a Mustang taking a nasty tumble. Why the hell would anybody even walk on that surface? Check out the video embedded after the jump.

[Source: via Car Domain]


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