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When Tesla launched its amazing Model S a while back, it wasn't the only Tesla-powered machine supplying rides to attendees. Also ferrying guests about a short circuit (so to speak) was a smart fortwo imbued with a Tesla-engineered drivetrain, fruit of its effort to supply Daimler with battery packs for 1,000 smart eds. Our friend Doug, of Tesla Motors Club fame, was at the event and went for a ride in the diminutive one, armed with a video camera to record the ride, the results of which we are happy to share with you after the break. Because of the nature of the event, there was no demonstration of heart-stopping acceleration or sure-footedness through a slalom, which is somewhat disappointing. The car would have been capable of making a lasting impression given the chance, outfitted, as it was, with the motor and gear box 1.0 from the Tesla Roadster.

Perhaps more interesting than the ride, at least for some electro-geeks, are some of the pictures Doug took of the battery pack on display that will go into the electric smarts. Encased in metal and painted black, the battery looked much smaller than a Roadster pack and is said to be able to power the fortwo up to 100 miles. Check out the pics in the gallery below and don't forget to hit the jump for some smart video action.

[Source: Tesla Motors Club]
Photos Copyright ©2009 Doug King

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