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Researchers at the University of Warwick in England have embarked on an ambitious project to create the most environmentally friendly race car the world has ever seen. Not only must the car be green, it must also be competitive with other vehicles in its racing class. The result is known as the WorldFirstF3 racer.

One of the building blocks of the bio-racer is recycled carbon fiber that was provided by a company called Milled Carbon. Bits like the steering are made from carrot-based plastic and the side mirrors are molded from a polymer derived from potato starch. Other components, such as the wiring harness, are fashioned from recycled aluminum and plastics.

Powering the green racecar is a 2.0-liter turbodiesel from BMW that will run on biodiesel, waste vegetable oil or even waste from chocolate factories. Yum! The car's designers say it's geared to hit 140 mph and suggest that it wouldn't cost any more than any other race machine to build.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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