2011 Hyundai Sonata spy photos: Click above to view a gallery

Hyundai has really upped its game with new entries like the Genesis Coupe and Sedan, but right now its high volume products like the midsize Sonata are simply "good enough." The Korean automaker has already committed to big plans for Sonata, as it has promised direct injection and turbocharging for improved efficiency. A quick look at some well camo'd photos of a 2011 Sonata mule shows that improvements could come in design as well.

The most eye-catching dimension of the spy photo pictured above is a sleek, Volkswagen CC-like greenhouse. Hyundai even seems smitten with the ten-spoke wheel design of the VW, as the two alloys look like fraternal twins. Beyond the four-door coupe look, the 2011 Sonata mule is very well camouflaged, although you can see what appears to be some interesting surfacing above the front wheel well that could give it a beefier-looking stance.

Up front, the front grille and headlamps are exposed. The grille doesn't appear to be dramatically different than what we we see on today's Sonata, but there is no hiding the dynamic new shape of the mule's headlamps. The high-tech lights sweep around the corners, giving the impression that the 2011 model will sport a more rounded front end than the 2009 model.

We likely have a bit longer to go before the 2011 Sonata begins its strip-tease act, but photos in the gallery below at least look promising. Whether the next-gen Sonata will be good enough to take on the well established midsized monsters from Toyota, Honda, and Nissan will clearly be a question for another day. Hat tip to James J.

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