Kingston University TTXG bike - Click above for an image gallery

A few weeks ago, officials for the Isle of Man's TTXGP zero-emissions motorcycle race announced the full list of entrants, and it included a couple of Universities in the United Kingdom. We have heard a bit about the electric machine from the Imperial College of London, and now we have a few details and images to share from Kingston University, who's entry will be ridden by Maria Costello, the fastest woman ever around the TT course.

The bike is definitely based on an older sportbike and doesn't quite look as polished at this point as the initial renderings had indicated, but that's fine – we do get an interesting shot at a ton of lithium phosphate battery cells and a large DC motor hiding under the bike's fairing.

According to the official TTXGP blog, the University hopes its bike will make its way past its current prototype stage and into a road-legal electric street bike.

[Source: TTXGP]

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