The powers-that-be in the United Kingdom have announced a vehicle scrapping plan that would pay motorists 2,000 pounds to turn in a vehicle that's at least 10 years old in exchange for a new car or truck. In reality, the government is only chipping in half that amount, and the automakers themselves are expected to throw in the other thousand pounds.

There were a number of dissenting opinions coming from the car companies that weren't sure about the merits of matching the government's £1,000 figure, but Autocar is reporting that Ford, BMW, Citroen, Hyundai, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Volvo have all announced their plans to take part in the program. We'd be surprised if the majority of the remaining car manufacturers didn't join in too.

Despite the fact that these automakers are officially offering their half of the scrapping incentive, individual dealerships will still be able to set their own final price for any specific car.

[Source: Autocar | Image: Matt Cardy/Getty]

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