2010 Toyota Prius - click above for a high-res gallery

Priuschat conducted a discussion with Toyota Prius Product Manager Doug Coleman this week and got a bit more information about the audio options the hybrid will have available at launch. The big news: no iPod (or USB) integration until September. This is odd, because the 2010 Prius has a ridiculous amount of high-tech gadgetry; solar panels, automatic parking, lane keep assist, etc. Why leave out a connector to play music from digital audio players?

Coleman told Priuschat that USB integration will only be availalbe with the Navigation package that can be added to the upper level Prius trim levels: III, IV and V. The good news is that early Prius buyers can get the USB functionality added at the dealership (for a fee, of course). The bad news: the $1,800 nav package will cost more when USB is added. Thanks to Danny C. for the tip!

[Source: PriusChat]

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