This is what bringing a behemoth back down to the proper size looks like. General Motors is looking for every way to conserve its ever thinning supply of money, and while April sales were better, the overall picture is decidedly grim.

In a move to conserve resources and hopefully help clear up any inventory buildups, AFP is reporting that The General plans to idle most of its domestic plants this summer – for as long as nine weeks. GM is expected to let its employees know first before any official statements are made, but it is believed that the work stoppage will coincide with GM's normal July shutdown, though there could be staggered closures as early as May.

If GM does put its operations into a large-scale hover, it may have a ripple effect on suppliers, many of whom are also holding on by the slimmest of margins. Will the summer be a season of cascading furloughs and bankruptcy announcements? Let's all take a deep breath as we wait to see.

[Source: AFP]

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