When the Hyundai Genesis Coupe was announced, there was no doubt it would find favor with the aftermarket – particularly when equipped with the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four. With all the necessary exhaust hardware already in place, it was just a matter of (R&D) time before enterprising tuners began swapping turbos, figuring out engine management and hitting the dyno.

While 0-60 magazine has its own thing going on with the help of Design Craft, Beyond Redline is cooking up its own turbo kit that utilizes a V-Band adapter that allows different turbos to be fitted while retaining the stock manifold. The company currently has a prototype manufactured and claims that almost any Garrett turbo can fit (we're thinking a GT35R would do the turbo'd four nicely). After installing the adapter, fitting a GT30 turbo, 600cc injectors, tuning it with an AEM FIC and running 16 pounds of boost, they pulled off a 306 hp and 245 lb-ft run on a Dynojet, and later put out 344 hp to the rear wheels.

Since the kit is still in early development Beyond Redline hasn't announced availability or pricing for the complete package, but judging by their work so far, it's right around the corner. And for those who chose the 3.8-liter V6 Genesis Coupe, SeoulfulRacing (out of Korea) already has a supercharged, 430-hp version for sale across the Pacific and hopes to bring that kit to the States in the near future.

[Source: GenesisDriven, GenCoupe]

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