Geely IG Fantastic Concept - Click above for a high-res image gallery

One of the most interesting concepts at the 2009 Shanghai Motor Show is the Geely IG Fantastic. We're happy to report that the car's styling is unique and doesn't appear derivative of any other designs. The seating position is also rather interesting, with the driver sitting right in the center of the cockpit with two passengers slightly behind on each flank. A single door allows entry from the passenger side. Currently, the concept is powered by a four cylinder engine, but, naturally, we've also heard rumors of a possible electric drivetrain.

Running down the center of the car's hood and roof are solar panels that are reportedly capable of powering the vehicle's climate system, which also saves energy by using waste heat from the IG's drivetrain. We're not sure exactly how the cooling system works, but it's apparently been inspired by the thermal management system of your computer's CPU. All in all, the IG Fantastic is an impressive concept vehicle.

[Source: Autoblog Chinese, China Car Times]

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