Click above for our gallery from the Earth Day Honda Insight event at the Honda Center

What better way to spend Earth Day than with Wild Wing and the new Honda Insight. Wild Wing, as you might know, is the mascot for the Ducks of Anaheim, the Southern California hockey team that plays in the Honda Center. Get the connection now? To help introduce its new hybrid to the public, Honda chose Earth Day to throw a little coming out party at the Honda Center, complete with food, games and prizes. They even set up one part of the parking lot for demonstration drives.

When we first got there we thought we might have been in the wrong place. There were about a dozen Insights lined in a row, but they were the last generation two-seaters. It seems the best place to look for prospects is among owners. After checking out the old ones, we decided to sample the new one. We took a spin around the cones, trying out the ECO mode and paddle shifters along the way. The car is really pretty normal once you get used to the CVT, gauges and teardrop shape. The drive was short but confirmed the car feels like a Honda, with a bunch of tech thrown in. It was a fun event that wasn't very well publicized so the odds of winning a new Insight were really good.

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