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It's like a dream-come-true for tifosi everywhere, hearing the words "Ferrari" and "free" in the same sentence, but Ferrari has posted a free racing simulator on their website. Ferrari Virtual Race can be downloaded straight from the automaker's website, allowing PC users to pilot a virtual 599 GTB Fiorano, 612 Scaglietti or 430 Scuderia of their very own.

Word has it you'll eventually be able to add a Ferrari California or F430 to your stable if you so choose. Apparently you can pre-configure those models and save them when they're released down the road. And in case you think this is a simplistic, watered down, bargain bin app, know that it will offer head-to-head online action for those so inclined. You can download Ferrari Virtual Race by clicking the link and registering at the Ferrari website.

[Source: GT Channel]

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