Alistair Gibson's sculptures from F1 car parts - Click above for a gallery of images

Alistair Gibson spent 22 years in Formula 1 paddocks as a mechanic with teams like Benetton and BAR Honda. With decades of carbon fiber and shiny bits swimming in his head, it probably shouldn't come as a complete surprise that after leaving pit lane he has begun fabricating motorsports-influenced sculptures of fish.

Each fish has a body in carbon fiber and comes with a spec sheet detailing the specific parts added to it. The brown trout you see above has a tail fin made of floor stays and comes mounted on a plank from the underside of Jensen Button's 2006 Hungarian GP-winning car. The hammerhead shark has eyes from rear wheel tether gearbox side shrouds, and comes mounted on a gearbox pull rod – also from the 2006 Hungarian GP car.

There are no prices listed, but if you add Formula 1 pedigree, carbon fiber fabrication, F1 chassis parts, and the word "art," well, phrases like "their weight in gold" come to mind. If you're not in the art market right now, you can check out the gallery of sculptures, including a brown trout, hammerhead shark, mackerel, mako shark, and piranha, below.

[Source: Carbon Art via Pistonheads]

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