Follow the jump to hear Dale, Jr. giving you directions on the RightWay Spotter GPS

The Dale, Jr.-edition Spotter GPS has Junior gearing you up for the ride with "You drive, I'll ride shotgun." The portable device offers turn-by-turn directions and features Junior-isms like "Hang a right" and "Park it, we're here." The RightWay Spotter comes installed with 1.7 million points of interest, which includes a point-of-interest tour of Charlotte, North Carolina that can also lead you to some of Dale's favorite places. If that weren't enough, the GPS plays MP3s and videos, displays photos, and has an e-book reader, all for $299.

Admittedly, we were kinda hoping it would only instruct left turns, which, in the words of our tipster, might go something like this:
"Alright y'all are gonna go down here a ways, then turn left. Keep going then turn left. Merge over to the high side and and at the next corner turn left. Then make an immediate left. Continue down this stretch of road then y'all need to turn left...
Follow the jump to watch a video of the real Dale, Jr. telling you how it's done. Thanks for the tip, Derek!

[Source: Twice]

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