The Suzuki Method: SX4 S2000 in the works for WRC comeback?

Suzuki SX4 WRC - Click above for a hi-res gallery
It's only been four months since Suzuki announced it was leaving the World Rally Championship, but reports are already surfacing about its comeback. Suzuki's decision came amidst a whole slew of similar announcements, primarily from Japanese automakers, to cancel their racing programs. Honda pulled out of F1, Subaru out of the WRC, Mitsubishi out of rally raids... even Kawasaki dropped their motorbike team. But while Honda is undoubtedly kicking itself for leaving the grand prix scene one season too early, it could be Suzuki that gets back into the race first.

The reports come from the mouth of Urmo Aava, one of Suzuki's most valued rally drivers. Since the Japanese carmaker withdrew from the top-level series, he's been helping the junior team with set-up for the Suzuki Swift S1600, but the planned switch next season to the more production-car-based S2000 formula in the top-tier WRC could open the door to more automakers like Suzuki coming back to the fold, or entering for the first time. Like the one which Suzuki was campaigning until last season (pictured above), the new car would be based on the SX4, but cost less to campaign. For his part, Aava realizes he'd need to bring in his own sponsorship cash to make it happen, but if it does, Suzuki could be kickin' gravel and jumping hills by 2011. Thanks to Eralp for the tip!

[Source: RallyBuzz]

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