Corvette Quarterly, General Motors' official publication all about Chevrolet's iconic sportscar, is apparently going through some major changes. According to a posting at the top of the magazine's web site, the publisher will not be printing spring or summer editions. The official quote:

Because we value the readers of Corvette Quarterly, we are taking some time to make Corvette Quarterly the best source of Corvette news available. As part of this process, we will not publish our spring and summer issues for 2009. But please check the website often to find the latest news on Corvette and information on the magazine.

Thank you! Your Corvette Quarterly Team

Further, news from Corvette Blogger is that current subscribers have been issued refunds through the mail. Sounds like a bit more than just the normal update, no? Might the magazine switch to a digital-only format? Might GM be struggling to justify funding this venture at all? We certainly wouldn't be surprised. Thanks for the tip, Keith!

[Source: Corvette Quarterly via Corvette Blogger]

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